The Next Horizon

I started blogging in July 2001 at a blog named Knowledge El Dorado, initially hosted on Blogger. Knowledge El Dorado was a blog on Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Communities. Social Media, as we know it today, did not exist. My job required me to figure out how knowledge management ideas and new tools like blogs can be Read More

Indian mobile apps usage stats

Some stats about mobile app usage in India from the Mobile Monday Mumbai February 2012 session conducted by Flurry. India is the 3rd fastest growing app market in world 12% MoM growth in app downloads in 2011 6 million Android & iOS devices downloaded 300 million apps in 2011 25 billion mobile app downloads in Read More

Emerging Patterns in Mobile App Usage

Flurry is the leading data-driven mobile app advertising platform and analytics provider. It’s services are used by 60,000 companies including top players like Rovio (Angry Birds), Zynga, The New York Times, Skype, MTV, Google, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Groupon, Shazam and more. The company tracks data across more than 90% of all iOS and Android devices Read More

Mobile Stats from Google India MD

Some useful numbers coming from Google India MD, Rajan Anandan 40% of search queries for Google India comes from mobile phones as against US (14), UK (6) and Russia (11) 67% of ecommerce in India happens in mobile and consumer appliances 50 million mobile Internet users in India $500 million worth mobile phones will be Read More

Netcore acquires Ravience, a mobile marketing services provider

Ravience Digital, the mobile marketing technology startup I had founded 3 years ago has been acquired by Netcore Solutions. I have worked with tech entrepreneur Rajesh Jain for over 10 years, in his earlier venture IndiaWorld and then at Netcore. The announcement that was made in this regard last week: Digital real-time communications company Netcore Read More

Tips for Coping with the new NCPR/NDNC Regime

Some tips we had compiled for clients of Ravience, to help them cope with the new NCPR/DND regime. Would love to know how other companies are dealing with this stringent DND regime. TIP #1 If a user (customer) is registered under DND, and wants to receive messages from your company, he/she can be instructed to Read More

MoMo Mumbai: Opportunities in HTML5 for Mobiles

HTML5 became a hot topic in 2010, after Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs stated that with the development of HTML5, Adobe Flash is no longer necessary to watch video or consume any kind of web content. More than 2.1 billion mobile devices will have HTML5 browsers by 2016, up from 109 million in 2010. Much of Read More

MoMo Mumbai: Social Games & Apps with mig33

Be a witness to a tectonic shift in MoMo Mumbai’s schedule. Mobile Monday Mumbai is set to become Telecom Tuesday Mumbai. Well, almost. For the first time since birth of MoMo Mumbai chapter in 2006, the inviolable Monday fixture of MoMo Mumbai will take place on a Tuesday. Thanks to Bhagwan Krishna and Janmashtami, we Read More

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