Indian mobile apps usage stats

Some stats about mobile app usage in India from the Mobile Monday Mumbai February 2012 session conducted by Flurry.

  • India is the 3rd fastest growing app market in world
  • 12% MoM growth in app downloads in 2011
  • 6 million Android & iOS devices downloaded 300 million apps in 2011
  • 25 billion mobile app downloads in 2011
  • Estimating 75 billion downloads in 2012
  • Indian user spends 52 minutes per day using mobile apps
  • Retention a challenge for apps: 38%, 29% users in 2nd & 3rd month.¬†Games biggest losers after 1st month
  • Only 5-10% of users continue to use an app after 6 months of download
  • 80% usage / time spent is on Games & Social Networking apps
  • Top 5 downloads categories: Games, Entertainment, Utilities, Social Networking, Lifestyle
  • US users spend more time on mobile apps then on PC-Mobile web, 94 minutes versus 72 minutes per day

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  • sonu kumar

    India is growing. We are going to be developed one day. Also those who work now for mobile apps will be rewarded in future because more and more people are going to use mobile apps.

  • Voice of Youth

    The mobile app market is not current. People have started using the as and when they get some apps which are useful in our daily routine, which really give value to the user. Mobile App market is futuristic. Mobile App developer and the startup companies should offer values in Mobile Apps, which helps the users to solve day to day problems.

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