Hutch challenges Airtel on mobile mail

Comprehensive article by Surajeet Das Gupta in Business Standard on the competiton between Airtel’s Blackberry and Hutch Mail. Hutch had announced its mobile push mail service HutchMail, in August this year. But there was hardly any visibility of the product after that. But looks like there are interesting times ahead in the enterprise mobile segment. Read More

Mobile Barcode Services Unveiled by ValueFirst

ValueFirst‘s barcode service provides companies the ability to send encoded seven digit numbers in a barcode picture message, readable by standard barcode readers. Along with the barcode a 120 character text message can be sent giving description of the offer in the barcode. Mr. Vijay Shukla, Country Head, ValueFirst messaging, said, “the service is likely Read More

BlackBerry Connect

Through the introduction of BlackBerry Connect in India, Airtel will extend BlackBerry wireless services to the Nokia 9500 Communicator, Nokia 9300 smartphone and Sony Ericsson P910i Announcing this, Manoj Kohli, President Mobility, of the company, “Email continues to be a key communication medium and research indicates that the first application most mobile users like to Read More

Corporate customers want less cellular fluff

Pauly claimed that the sheer number of operators involved in remote workers’ lives–one for their mobile phone, one for fixed office telephony, one for wireless Internet access and one for fixed broadband access at home–made it almost impossible for budget controllers to keep track of costs… Obermann added that the next challenge for the mobile Read More

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