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Vodafone, Reliance and Idea Cellular have launched new ad campaigns recently. After FMCG, the telecom industry has one of the highest ad spends in the country.

I searched YouTube for the ads and as always, you can rely on UGC.

I liked the Reliance and Idea ads. Unlike many of the sophisticated ads made by urbane admen which are sanitised to remove all cultural identities, they are very Indian – in their observations, subjects and treatment.

Reliance Mobile: Bol India Bol

Idea Cellular: Mobile Number as Name

Vodafone: Make the most of now


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“What if a great man of the last century


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According to AdEx findings, the total advertisement spend by mobile phone companies in the current fiscal (Q1, Q2, Q3) stands at Rs 127 crore.

“The customer today is very discerning and aware. It is the product-benefits rather than the price-benefits that appeal to him. Therefore, we see that advertisements are more focussed on features than pricing,