Mobile Stats from Google India MD

Some useful numbers coming from Google India MD, Rajan Anandan 40% of search queries for Google India comes from mobile phones as against US (14), UK (6) and Russia (11) 67% of ecommerce in India happens in mobile and consumer appliances 50 million mobile Internet users in India $500 million worth mobile phones will be Read More

MoMo Mumbai: Maximizing Your App’s Profitability

Bill Scott, SVP Business Development at GetJar, is visiting India. Bill will share his thoughts with the Mobile Monday Mumbai community on Monday, May 30, 2011. Session Abstract: Only 13 percent of app users pay for the apps they download. In order to reach the most consumers, developers are finding that it’s best to offer Read More

Global mobile and internet numbers

Its always good to get a top level perspective of things. As of 2010, there are: 6.8 billion people on Earth 5.28 billion mobile subscriptions 2.08 billion internet users 1.2 billion fixed telephone landlines 555 million fixed broadband subscriptions 940 million mobile broadband subscriptions Lets look at the growth rates. During the last decade, the Read More

Significant Mobile Data milestones

According to this report, three important milestones were reached for mobile data during Q3 2010. AT&T Wireless USA mobile data revenues surpassed one-third share (35%) Verizon Wireless USA mobile data revenues surpassed one-third share (34%) Vodafone UK’s non-messaging mobile data revenues matched messaging revenues Looks like the days of voice and SMS accounting for 80-90% Read More

MoMo Mumbai: Mobile Web Trends & Best Practices

Mobile Monday Mumbai is pleased to announce the November 2010 event on the topic “Mobile Web Trends and Best Practices”. Mobile web usage is exploding in India and worldwide. Mobile phones equipped with web-browser and zero-rental pre-activated data connection are mushrooming. What are the early trends and usage patterns? Best practices for publishers, advertisers and Read More

Qualcomm Brew MP – Mobile developer event

Qualcomm is hosting a mobile developer event for their newly launched mobile OS called Brew MP. This event is intended for those who want to know about the opportunities with Brew development, as well as existing Brew developers. Many of you may not know Qualcomm as a pioneer of Mobile Application stores for over 8 Read More