Missed Call as a Response Tool

We are increasingly seeing adoption of “Missed Calls” as a enquiry / response tool. Two recent large-scale public campaigns have used Missed Call Enquiry. Ramdev Baba’s anti-corruption drive was the first public campaign which used a landline number (02233081122) to garner support for their cause. As per one of their SMS updates, they received tens Read More

Psychology, History & Sociology

Dave Winer is a tech blogger whose scripting.com blog has been on my blogroll / reading list since 10 years now. He is the co-creator of the RSS format, widely used to syndicate blogs. Dave is a rockstar for me. His recent podcast discusses whether “Arts” subjects like Pyschology and History are practical career investments Read More

Post Event: MoMo Mumbai – Maximizing Your App’s Profitability

We had a great session with Bill Scott of GetJar yesterday at MoMo Mumbai. With more than 80 registrations, 50+ participants from Ad agencies, Ad Networks, Media companies, App Development companies, Telcos, VAS companies attended the event. You can view and download Bill’s presentation from here: http://goo.gl/yJW9M Few pictures from the event. If you have Read More

MoMo Mumbai: Maximizing Your App’s Profitability

Bill Scott, SVP Business Development at GetJar, is visiting India. Bill will share his thoughts with the Mobile Monday Mumbai community on Monday, May 30, 2011. Session Abstract: Only 13 percent of app users pay for the apps they download. In order to reach the most consumers, developers are finding that it’s best to offer Read More

Micromax & Mediatek

Recently we purchased the Micromax A60 Android-based phone for our lab at Ravience. Its a damn good phone for its price; a review is due for another post. Not long ago Micromax wouldn’t have made it to the shortlist when buying a handset for me. And here I am being a happy user of the Read More

MobileCamp Mumbai

MobileCamp is an open event fueling the growth of mobile technology in the world fastest growing mobile market. After two successful editions of MobileCamp in Bangalore and Chennai, MobileCamp is now coming to Mumbai. MobileCamp Mumbai Edition: http://mumbai.mobilecamp.in Date: 14th May 2011 Venue: Welingkar, Near Matunga. MobileCamp For Developers: MobileCamp offer a great opportunity to Read More

Indian Handset Market Size

Economic Times has an article on Nokia India’s strategy to not go down against its rivals like Apple, Google and Indian brands. The most important part of the article is the numbers. Nokia’s market share reduced from about 64% in 2008-09 to nearly 52% in 2009-10 Samsung gained from 10% to above 17% In the Read More

One World One Charger

My dad recently lost the charger of his dual SIM Fly V 180 DS handset. Since the charger looked like a Micro-USB interface, I did a bit of research on the internet to check whether standard Micro-A, Micro-B, Micro-AB cables could be used as chargers. Micro-USB is the standard for the Common Charger initiative. The Read More

Global mobile and internet numbers

Its always good to get a top level perspective of things. As of 2010, there are: 6.8 billion people on Earth 5.28 billion mobile subscriptions 2.08 billion internet users 1.2 billion fixed telephone landlines 555 million fixed broadband subscriptions 940 million mobile broadband subscriptions Lets look at the growth rates. During the last decade, the Read More

Significant Mobile Data milestones

According to this report, three important milestones were reached for mobile data during Q3 2010. AT&T Wireless USA mobile data revenues surpassed one-third share (35%) Verizon Wireless USA mobile data revenues surpassed one-third share (34%) Vodafone UK’s non-messaging mobile data revenues matched messaging revenues Looks like the days of voice and SMS accounting for 80-90% Read More

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