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Missed Call as a Response Tool

We are increasingly seeing adoption of “Missed Calls” as a enquiry / response tool. Two recent large-scale public campaigns have used Missed Call Enquiry.

Ramdev Baba’s anti-corruption drive was the first public campaign which used a landline number (02233081122) to garner support for their cause. As per one of their SMS updates, they received tens of lakh hits on that number.

Today’s DNA has a front-page story on use of Missed Call Enquiry by Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption (IAC) campaign. Anna’s campaign number (02261550789) received over 1 crore hits out of which 76.83 lakh were unique numbers. The missed call enquiry for this campaign was powered by my professional alma-mater Netcore Solutions.

On April 5, when Hazare started his fast-unto-death at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, organisers requested the public to give a missed call on 022-61550789 to register their support. “By June 28, we got over one crore missed calls of which 76.83 lakh were unique missed calls, all different numbers and no repetition,” said Kunal Dixit of Netcore Solutions Private Limited, who is handling this scheme for the IAC…

According to data, the highest number of missed calls came from the 2G scam-embroiled Tamil Nadu (including Puducherry) region with 16.41 lakh calls followed by Maharashtra-Goa region (including Mumbai) with 15.15 lakh.

A 5 year old post on mobilepundit.com says that around 25% of all calls on telco networks were missed calls. These missed calls are used as signals for P2P communication.

Many companies are beginning to offer Missed Call Enquiry as a P2A (Person-to-Application) tool. My company Ravience Digital also offers such a tool, not only as an out of the box enquiry tool but also as a programmable platform through APIs. To demonstrate this, today morning we integrated Twitter with Missed Calls. India Against Corruption’s Twitter channel @janlokpal can now be followed using Missed Calls.

Give a missed call to 022-39386812 and in return you will receive the latest post from @janlokpal. All this at no cost to the user, even while roaming.

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